I crack myself up lol. My post somewhere else. Its long so well be in replys to this.

Part 1.

I ended up with a timey wimey issue when I plugged the flux capacitor into the tartis. It seems it caused a destabilization in the magnetic constrictors which caused leakage in the dimensionally transcendental circuit causing dimensional leakage. The bigger on the inside is leaking out and I don't know what to do. I tried installing a fresh ZPM to generate a subspace bubble to halt the leakage.

Part 2

neverless a simple qualified analysis indicates a considerable iridescence in the rhytidome on the exterior skin. The tri-band array is receiving increasing ionizing radiations and the tartis is starting to loose phase with this dimensions resonance.

Please help! 🤣

******** might need to get the master to help 😂 🤔 maybe mcfly and the master.... I can see this not ending well haha 😂

Part 3

I tried contacting geordi la forge as well as Colonel Carter over subspace but the plasmion radiation is interfering with the subspace radio. I sent doc brown a letter but he will not receive it for another 50 years. I sent the master a hypercube but still waiting on response.

hmmm, might need Ziggy to jump in, now that I am thinking about quantum lol

Part 4
hmmm, might need Ziggy to jump in, now that I am thinking about quantum lol

Do to the breakdown of discontinuous transition between quantum states cause by the radiation being emitted by the tartis we have lost contact with Al and therefore lost all help from ziggy.

he was the last hope lol

Did you even bother unplugging the flux capacitor?


Part 5

No because if I unplugged the flux capacitor while its phased locked with the temporal stabilization circuit it can cause a feedback loop in the dimensionally transcendental circuit. I don't have to tell you what that would mean all out chaos. I am talking dinosaurs and Indians, flying krakens, knights on motorcycles, and the scariest of all Democrats and Republicans getting along. It would be all out madness. Time would unravel as we know it. No, No, there has to be alternatives.

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