Well LR is backup again..

FSCK... The mount went RO and needed a scan

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@omnipotens Is Patreon still a good place to get status updates? I don't see any posts on there.

@eviloatmeal i would say yes but honestly didn't think about posting an update there. I was to concerned about getting the server back up.
Maybe I should look at putting someone in charge of news and updates. Therefore when something happens they can dm me for info and post it.

@omnipotens It doesn't need to be much - just an indication that you are alive and aware of the problem. I didn't see the toots you did about restarting until after the ordeal, since they were on the server in question.

@eviloatmeal I will make sure I post there next time. Need to get into the habit. If you have telegram you can always join the channel. Normally during issues I am reaching out to admins there for assistance for talking about the issues.

@omnipotens Is that a telephone-exclusive thing? I couldn't figure out how to make a Telegram account, last time I tried.

@eviloatmeal you need a cell number if you don't want to put your personal cell number there you can always use something like textnow and get a temporary number to create a account.

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