What would you do when a project based on open source violates the GPL and refuses to release the source?

For example Nvidia's cumulus project. Debian-based OS for switches.

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Not sure if this is still the case, but they used to have authorization from netfilter authors to sue anyone violating GPL on netfilter code (and, by extension, Linux kernel).

@omnipotens oh, wait, the founder of gpl-violations is a netfilter author. That explains a lot.

@wolf480pl Well the story is we needed the source for the linux kernel to recompile a module. They refused.

@omnipotens I thought it was a standard licence violation, so anyone with the binary would be able to sue for the source code due to violating the GPL agreement.

@omnipotens Well, I'd try to avoid the GPL as much as possible, but given the opportunity, I'd probably just run something like on all my networking gear.

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