I have been using Linux for around 25 years. Now, why in the hell did I not know about "cd -" lol. It's always the simple crap you tend to miss lol.

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@omnipotens lol, I use that all the time, but mostly because I get lost on where I wanted to go and need to get back where I was.

@frank I just never gave it much though I mean hell who does a man on cd lol Hell some distros don't even bother with a man page for cd. Ubuntu dont. Just checked all my ubuntu server and get no entry however centos does have a man page for cd.

@omnipotens Sounds like a useful command, if I ever grow up and actually use the terminal. 😞

@ken_fallon @omnipotens Ctrl-R can be very dangerous if overused, I once alnost lvremoved the wrong volume because of ctrl-R

@wolf480pl @ken_fallon I rarely use Ctrl-R I don't like the formating on how it displays. Never know if you are running the correct line without paying close attention. I much rather history | grep

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