Anyone interested in being a moderator to help approve new accounts?

With so few of us doing it there has been times were they sit for a day or more. It's a easy job. You get a email and determine is the account is spam or not then approve or deny.

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@omnipotens Sure, why not... what are your rules for determining if they are spam ?

@yisraeldov simple if it has a url or has tags like viagra or any other spam related stuff deny it lol. Do to the sheer amount of spam accounts we had to start monitoring the creation.
If you want to do any of the moderation that comes in fill free too but my concern is mostly over new accounts.

@yisraeldov when new accounts get created you will get a email with link. To approve or deny. Trust me there is no mistaken which ones are spam when it comes in. If in doubt just approve.

@omnipotens Still need help? I can deny Celexa spam all day long. (Is that still a thing?)

@omnipotens I could lend a hand as well if you need any one else. Hopefully, it's simpler than moderating my calorie intake. 😞

@omnipotens @Tritium so this is why I can't find any more Viagra links - everyone's a mod.

@malin @omnipotens Yeah, soz.

I could sell you some if you like, but it will LITERALLY cost you an internal organ. I need a new kidney because of all the black-market meds I've been taking.

@malin @Tritium lol yeah there where people waiting for couple of days a few times so there were a few people who were willing to help keep up with it. So we don't get backed up when were not available.

@omnipotens I can help! So just use common sense in seeing if they're spam?

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