Suggestions on the best way of an automated installer?

I like to pxe boot with a menu to select OS to install. Trying to determine the best way to install baremetal servers. Suggestions on what or how I should do this?

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@omnipotens singularity description file into singularity instance atop alpine linux?

@omnipotens Centos installer has Kickstart, Debian installer has preaeed files. But IMO just nake a tar.gz of the root filrsystem and make an installer kmin the form of initramfs, which creates partition table using sfdisk, runs mkfs, downloads the tar.gz.torrent with aria2c, extracts it to the new filesystem, chroots, and installs bootloader.

The last step is optional if you want to use pxe to boot the target OS as well.

@omnipotens Years ago, I was deep into PXE booting, had a menu with various options, etc. I thought I was real slick. Then, I discovered the Fog Project had it all worked out long before me.

They had the whole thing menu driven with a web interface, totally slick network management integrated. Came out of some university somewhere.

Anyhow. I haven't used PXE booting for a while but the Fog Project seemed lightyears ahead of my stuff.

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