I am about done running Ubuntu. The distro upgrades always seem to break.

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I've had great success with Arch the past 4 years or so.

@omnipotens I'm inclined to agree - but yet I always find myself crawling back for some reason.

@omnipotens feeling the same way. I made the jump back to Debian on most of my servers and have enjoyed it.

@omnipotens Seconding Arch. I've ironically found rolling release to be the most stable foundation for a distro. Instead of large breakages that are nigh-impossible to debug (Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, etc), you get minor breakages every now and then, making it much easier to diagnose and resolve. And the Arch WIki is just delightful.

@samhh i always run arch on desktop/laptop. I been running ubuntu for servers but think i going to move to centos or debian

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