Looking for suggestions for emoji's to add to LR that we don't have but other instances have.

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@omnipotens I think the drauger emoji is using the outdated logo. So it probably needs to be updated.

otherwise some of the ones @amolith has on his instance would be nice.

@Batcastle @omnipotens definitely don’t pull all of them though :meowLul:

/opt/pleroma/instance/static/emoji $ fdfind -t f | wc -l 18615

@amolith @omnipotens
Well I did say SOME not ALL. Lol

I just want to be able to see what those emoji you are using look like sometimes lol

@omnipotens @amolith

Ngl I would just say :blobcatwut:. I don't know what most of his other tags are so that's the only one that seems interesting right now.

You can browse all the emojis from a given instance with this tool from @volpeon

Note that most of these were just downloaded in bulk from various instances and I haven't actually gone through and vetted each one. No idea what all you're going to see once they finally load.


@Batcastle @amolith not finding anything for c++ and find a few options for atom

@Batcastle @omnipotens hm probably my bandwidth issues. iirc, when a user on one instance uses an emoji another hasn't seen before, it's usually downloaded from the poster's instance and cached for a short period of time. unfortunately, my server has had severely limited bandwidth for the past month or so and a lot of operations like that simply timeout

we're moving soon™

@amolith @Batcastle
I am curious as what kind of bandwidth you burn through? I never gave it much thought as we sit on a unlimited gig line. So it's not something I even have anything even setup to watch it.

@omnipotens @Batcastle before this issue, I hadn't given it much thought either. Most of the stuff I run on is on the same VPS from netcup. Their marketing pages implied *to me* that, on average, a VPS would have about gigabit connectivity. A month or so ago, we noticed that all services were incredibly slow and having odd issues. I assumed it was just some application being hit particularly hard so I planned to implement more aggressive caching and reduce that a bit. A few days later, issues still present, decide to run bmon on the off-chance it's something related to bandwidth, and find out that the server has less than 100 MiB/s connection. Contacted support and found out that another customer on the same host seems to be using all the available bandwidth and there's nothing they can (will) do about it.

So I don't actually know how much bandwidth we need, just that 100 MiB/s is far too little. We're in the process of moving everything into LXD and onto the AX51-NVME from Hetzner. Pleroma should be the next one to go this weekend.
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