Need a bit of help.
Thoughts on why after upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 I would loose my vg-root volume group but my vg-data shows up in the initramfs?

I have to revert back to the old 4.0 kernel to boot?

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@omnipotens you have differing vg for either? may be failure to activate both? are they the same structure? why have them separated? why not have both as lv on a vg?

@nergal Just something I always did when I have spindles to spare. I split OS and data so they run on separate drives incase I need to move the data I can transplant the drives rescan vg and import them to new server and OS with ease. It saved me a few times and makes migrating hardware easy.

Just never ran into a case where the root vg does not show up.

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