For all the folks who 3D Print any thoughts on a new project to build?

Currently printing parts to build another printer but trying to plan something when this is done.

So for I am thinking a 12 head tool changer.

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Something that doesn't involve printing another printer or improving the one you have! I know all too well that trap; hours and hours in CAD making incremental improvements, hours reassembling, being dissatisfied, repeat.
You spend forever circling that drain and you forgot why you got the 3d printer in the first place! :)

Good: Look around the house for something that annoys you slightly.
Better: *annoys the missus greatly.

@codebus I haven't had to bad of an issue with that. I got enough projects to round robin so I don't go to far on one. The last printer I built I am completely happy with. I trust it to the point I start prints from the other room and may not check it until the next day. It always works and I always get perfect first layers. The only time it messes up is when I do in the slicer. Like forgetting to turn on supports or once on a 500x500mm print I forgot to turn off vase mode lol.

@omnipotens I just want a painting handle for Miniatures that has loads of heads all the same that just slide on the top so I can swap minis out I am painting without any fuss...

@omnipotens it's 2021 and the world is getting careless about the pandemic

time to 3d print a model for the raspberry pi zero w powered skynet bots

@codythedragonrude No the end or the world is when Bill gates uploads his consciousness into a cyberbrain and uplinks with starnet then merges with trapper keeper and becomes Megabill lol 🤣

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