So was wondering? Who has worked at a company that provided free Alcohol? One company was data backup provider and vpn provider. We kept a fully stocked bar and it was nice when you got off the phone with that one customer and was able to go sit and have a drink and a smoke to calm down.
The other was a ISP we always had beer in the fridge.

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@omnipotens I worked for a company that provided us with beer on Fridays.

@architect I remember getting off the phone with the ceo of Halliburton and hitting the bar. He always got me wound up but the worse was bmc softwares vp. Those folks were so demanding. Think the coolest was landmark graphics ceo we just bs and cut up. I always got stuck with the big wigs so me and the bar became good friends haha

@architect miss the days of the tech boom were offices had bars, game rooms arcades. I was a expert at rush 2049. I was unbeatable lol

I worked on a boat that had a beer hold. The beer was chilled by the fish hold but the boat would get a slight list when we had no fish and a severe list when we where loaded with fish.
It was great to be able to always have a cold one at the end of the day.

@omnipotens I worked at a restaurant, the alcohol wasn't exactly "free," but wasn't exactly not.

@omnipotens Now all my calls to some support lines started to make sense.

@omnipotens Free beer's just for Christmas and promotions, but there's a nice smoking area, so we're not doing badly.

@omnipotens a former employer had a beer bash every Friday. It was a fun perk!

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