LR is back online!

The power was restored to the area.

No guaranty for how long until this storm is over..

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@omnipotens oh! I was wondering what had happened today. is hosted at home?

Stay safe!

@JoelM They do have ups and backup generators but no good as even upstream was down. There was complete data centers failing here. Especially cooling as most are water cooled systems and the water froze and with 100% humidity it be a bad idea to cool using outside air.

@omnipotens Say... Do you have an outside status page where we can get updates when there are outages? There's the IRC channel on Freenode, but it's a bit... Ephemeral. :-)

@eviloatmeal I thought about it after the fact but I think the patreon page is the best bet. Might be the easiest to find. I did respond to a post in reddit/mastodon

@omnipotens The Patreon page... That didn't even occur to me. I'll try to remember that in the future. Thanks!

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