I think I found my new go to distro for desktop's and laptop's.

I just finished a Manjaro install. Super easy installer and for the first time everything worked out of the box on my laptop. Arch based so access to the AUR. I am super happy so far and will highly recommend.

I am just wondering why it has taken me this long to install it.

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@omnipotens You are happy so far and will be happy will be happy for a really long time. Manjaro is great.


I decided to put Manjaro on a little laptop I use for work when I'm on the road. It mostly goes unused so I figured I won't be doing updates frequently enough to go with Arch. I've been really happy with it and it is definitely my go-to recommendation now.

@omnipotens I just switched to Manjaro a week ago and I'm also loving it. I wish I had switched sooner

@omnipotens I hope you have a good experience with it. Personally, I've now had two occasions where a ~1 year old Manjaro install has become effectively unrecoverable after an update.

The most recent time has to do with my nvidia GPU, as far as I can tell. I think I'll be sticking with the Debian based world for a while...

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