For all those interested in a LR podcast.

Is anyone interested i helping let me know and what you would interested in doing. Any part that you are interested in from being apart of the recording, editing, topic ideas really anyway you want to contribute.

I have also spun up a jitsi server if you would like a account on it let me know. I think it would be a good way to do the podcast.

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@omnipotens hey send me a email. You still have my work email I hope

@omnipotens Love podcasting. Have run mine for a few years now. Would be more than happy to lend any support in audio editing, or anything related with production such as where to host, podcast submission or any gaps you may or may not need help filling. :)

@lee Sounds good. What a good time to get together on a bridge and figure it all out? My timezone is CST.

Also you got telegram? I probably should create a group on some messenger where we can all gather.

@omnipotens I am GMT mate. I can meet 9am CST most mornings (my afternoon) :) I have signal, although happy to add Telegram :)

@omnipotens Ive added Telegram to my arsenal although not sure how to share how peeps connect with me as yet :)

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