I still keep toying around with starting a linuxrocks rag chew (general chat) podcast. There are already tons of podcast that gives you news and reviews but I was thinking more of a random round table of whomever joins the live to tell stories, experiences, and random thoughts on Linux and Tech.

If we did who would join the conversation, who would listen. What audio platform to join in on like discord, mumble, etc.

@MadestMadness hey thats a option I didn't think of. How common is it as I have not used it before.

@omnipotens I love it. I've used it for basically every call I've done during quarantine. It's more of a Zoom replacement than a Discord replacement. You just go to the site in a browser, share the meeting URL with others, and it just works. No login or anything 🙂


@MadestMadness Oh wait I think I have used it. It's been awhile since I have so I will look into it. If I remember right that might be a good option.

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