VMWare Cluster oh why did you have to crash on a Friday!

Entire cluster down! Friday afternoon. Sure its better for the users who want to get off early but damn sure not for me.


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@omnipotens Ouch, that is never a Good Friday. Hope you can get it all up and running without losing too much hair...

@sullybiker Think I have a few more gray hairs lol.

The bad thing is we have no idea what happened. All the ESX nodes just decided to hang up all at the same time and were taking forever to reboot. We gave up after 40 minutes and started rebuilding with new hardware. The crazy thing is even loading the bios was super slow and one node just refused to power on after the reboot.

@omnipotens They can do very odd things. Luckily my colleague looks after most of that now, I just break it periodically :)

@hannibal_ad_portas none needed all the data is on the san its just the hypervisors that don't want to boot. Worse case we attach the vmdk to another VM on other host

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