As many of you know I like to keep my worlds separate. I don't like bringing my work life, home or political life together. Which I have to thank the people on LR for keeping the local timeline mostly free from politics. We never stopped any decision or even had the need too. With that said I needed a place to vent about politics so I setup another instance dedicated for just that. If anyone would like to join your more than welcome. The instance is

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@omnipotens I am with you there. Lately I been staying quite best I can but as of late I been thrown in there . I left twitter cause of it.

@bluzeo I didnt leave twitter I got banned lol it left me. I still have my tech account there but never use it. Thinking of just dropping that too.

@omnipotens will after a former guildie of mine attack me I had enough. They have no right to attack people for a different opinion. Crude I am not even conservative. But I still like my freedoms. Took a lil seriously when he did that to me. He know me back from what. I want to say 2010 back in leich king on wow. Glad over here it no politics. Yes we need a place to vent. But it ridiculous no one can debate anymore correctly

@bluzeo I have had a family member go no contact with me and block me over politics

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