Trusting the Cloud?

I am curious if there are any conversations in businesses on trusting the cloud after Parlor got pulled for political motivations effectively shutting down an entire company? Regardless of your political viewpoint, this should be worrying for any company that relies solely on cloud services.

When using cloud services your basically putting your companies future in someone else hands. I have never been an advocate for the cloud that's why even LR does not run in the cloud


It should concern everyone how the big tech companies can shutdown someone at a moment's notice effectively closing the doors on another company without any legal judgment. They became the judge jury and executioner.

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If you want to throw out someone who is trespassing your home you don't need a judge, jury or police. In some parts of America you can even shoot that person by default.

Social Networks are not some fucking free space provided by a government. It is still virtual private property.

I think @omnipotens is talking more about AWS and such than socnets per se.

Technically, a domain registrar, a hosting company, a cloud provider, etc. can revoke your service for any reason they want, but I don't think comparing it to your backyard is a good comparison.

@simon @omnipotens
What if a bus company $C refused service to person $X because the CEO of $C doesn't like $X ?

@wolf480pl @omnipotens

They are also privately own and you will be surprised how fast you get booted from their service if you piss them off.

If it is just because of trivial causes, you can fight back legally. But in the current case it is pretty clear.

@simon @wolf480pl Is it pretty clear? That seems to be pretty objective depending on what side of the aisle you're looking at it from.

@omnipotens @wolf480pl

If you are a true Q believer, yes I guess that it is not that clear. But then the providers are just part of the Pizza Hut trafficking conspiracy so you don't want to support them anyway.

@wolf480pl @simon Some wackjob that spins a lot of conspiracy theories that no one really listens to but the media like to hype him up as the leader of the trump supporters.

@omnipotens @simon
wait, so media made a conspiracy theory about a conspiracy theorist controlling everyone from the shadows?

@simon @omnipotens @wolf480pl a kinda unrelated question, I've saw many people on fedi talking about this Q thing, is that Qanon or other thing?

@kumicota @wolf480pl @simon I think Qanon is the movement/followers but honestly don't know to much about it. To be honest I am in a lot of political groups on both sides Republicans and Democrats and really the only mentions I ever see are from Democrats and I have never bothered looking into it deeper as most of what I have seen just seems silly.

@wolf480pl @omnipotens

AWS is not the only provider.

Also seizing a domain is something done by court and is a long process. So your complains do not apply for domains.

Right, AWS isn't the only provider. Its competitors should be more than happy to provide service to whoever got booted off AWS.
And if they don't, because the person pissed off all of them, then you could argue it's deserved.

Except there's vendor lock-in.

So if we fix the bigger problem - anti-competitive practices - the problem @omnipotens described shouldn't be a big issue anymore.

@simon There is a big difference between someone on your property and a social media post but that is not even the issue. The issue is how much power you give a cloud provider over your company when you use them as a service.

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