For fun.

Show off your setup. Post a pick and tells us about your setup.

Two machines
Personal machine running arch
Work machine running windows.
Both connected to all seven monitors to switch back and forth or run both on any monitor. I also run barrier for keyboard and mouse sharing but Iike having both available so in a meeting I can goof off and play a game.

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@wolf480pl For work I am normally working on several things at one so very helpful to keep each on its one screen.

@omnipotens I have a laptop and mobile broadband connecting that to the world and my printer, but you should see the view as I'm in a ⛵.

And half the year it runs purely on the power from three solar panels on my roof.

@happybeing At times I grab my laptop and work from the beach when I know its going to be a slower day.


That is very simular to my set up but you have a lot more screens.

Personal computer and work laptop hooked uup to 3 monitors and keyboard/mouse.

I have an extra keyboard and mouse so I can work on my personal on the side.

Not shown is the rpi4 I sometimes have a webex up on.

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