Anyone have any idea on what this is and how to decode it? I got handed this puzzle and I am stumped.

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@omnipotens if I had to guess, each 1x21px section might represent a character, there's a repeating pattern of 10 colors that are similar at the beginning of 20 of the lines. Did they send you a PNG/BMP or the compressed JPG?

I might try and see how many colors are being used for a hint (if it's actually a cipher 1 color -> 1 char), but the compression makes things a little more difficult because you cant just sample a pixel from each section, you'd have to do some sort of averaging/clustering :(
@omnipotens what I'm saying is if you try and count the number of colors you're going to get slightly off colors due jpeg artifacts, like this:

(255, 250, 255) 20
(255, 253, 255) 42
(255, 254, 255) 61
(251, 255, 255) 58
(254, 255, 253) 16
(254, 254, 252) 13
(255, 255, 251) 21
(244, 255, 255) 14
(255, 255, 246) 17

are all _basically_ white pixels, but it's hard to say if it's part of the code or just part of the jpeg compression
@omnipotens I'm done messing with it for now, maybe I'll keep working at it another time, good luck though!

@HappyWizard Well thanks for your help. I will keep looking at it from what you sent me.

@HappyWizard Think this might be something. The original image there are two " ` " The text that came with also has two " ' "the cache says. I am thinking the text maybe in the image as well.

The Approx Elevation is 8990'

The name is everything if you know what we mean! This should be an easier cache to find and please beware of where you place your hands. Please bring your own logging device as the cache doesn't contain one. The cache has no room for trackables.

@HappyWizard Well the data should have coordinates. It's from a very old geocache that still has not been found. A friend now has me addicted to figuring this out lol

@omnipotens I’ve been messing with it, still a lot of “off white” pixels from compression that might need to be filtered out?

from PIL import Image from collections import defaultdict im ='puzzle.png') width, height = im.size px = im.load() def default_val(): return 0 colors = defaultdict(default_val) for j in range(0, width): for i in range(5, height, 25): colors[px[j, i]] += 1 for color in colors: if colors[color] > 10: print(color, colors[color])

if you want to mess with what I’ve done so far, also edited the picture so it’s easier to parse with those for…loops

@omnipotens take each bar's color in RGB. Those are 3 bytes. Do this for every bar, and you have a lot of bytes. See if they make sense.

@omnipotens would start by seeing how many unique colors and widths there are. Like if each rectangle could represent a character.

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