Suggestions on opensource knowledge base software? I am looking to spin up something internal for work to share are notes and tips and workarounds

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@omnipotens I've started using BookStack recently, seems to be much friendlier to non-techies. Failing that, i can recommend DokuWiki for something lightweight

@omnipotens I just use git with a bunch of markdown files. If people know Reddit, they can use Markdown, and git means there's both a website version and a local version.

If you use gitlab's wiki, there's a website-like display.


Ok, this is one of those community/enterprise deals. It's called Odoo.

Been exploring it since 2010, created a module in its framework.

I'm impressed by its intelligent ideas.

Currently thinking of how to capture all my social media interactions within it.

@omnipotens I personally have been using a wiki since 2002 to record my notes, observations, snippets, screenshots, worklogs, photos, PDFs. It has changed my life.

The wiki I use, is Foswiki.

In the past, I used to leave a working copy of my wiki in any organization that I worked for.

That way the knowledge was not lost to the organization after I left.

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