Any really good open source alternatives to Viso?

I mainly use it for network diagrams. I would prefer cross platform for those rare occasions I have to use windows do to some meeting software or etc.

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@wolf480pl I tried dia for a few minutes felt like I was using paint. Now honestly I didnt dig to deep. Did I stop to soon??

@omnipotens I haven't tried Viso so I have no idea what features it has.

Dia is indeed pretty barebones - you can place shapes from the shape library (and add custom ones if you want, but the cisco set has plenty of icons for network gear), and then you can connect them with arrows, set colors, etc.
You can attach ends of arrows to shapes, so they don't stay in mid-air if you move stuff around. And you can enable snap-to-grid. But that's about as fancy as it gets AFAIK.

@wolf480pl Well maybe I will give it another shot. To be honest I think its the UI that killed it for me at first. From what you described it might work for me. Thanks

@omnipotens It's kind of the obvious alternative, so I'm not sure it needs recommending, but I do like LibreOffice Draw quite a bit and have used it for simple network diagrams in the past.

It needs a little time to get into, but it's also become my preferred tool for mind maps, UML diagrams and even UI mockups, so at least for me that time investment has been well worth it.

@friend hmm I have forgot about that. Never used it I should try it,

@omnipotens I've never used Visio so I'm not really aware 9d it's features but could you check out?

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