Anyone on LR want to be a mod?

Need help approving new user accounts to keep the spam down

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I have time during European hours. How much does an admin need to know?

@malin @omnipotens more or less how to use a mouse and maybe using the `dig(1)` or `drill(1)` commands to check MX records for some potential accounts (though I bet there's some nice GUI resources too for those uncomfortable with the terminal).
Aside from that our instance is mature enough to not require much intervention.

@architect @malin well I have been denying lots of request to join for spam. Lots of cam sites If you can put a filter in the for word cam that will knock out over half.

@malin @architect you know have mod access. just check under accounts pending. Most of the time the spam ones are pretty clear that are they spam.

@omnipotens @malin welcome to the team! as stated, the spammers are mostly just tedious to block.

@malin just check to see if there are pending request. We set LR to have to approve to join to eliminate spam.

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