What do you get when a mastodon admin gets 12 hours of sleep all week and after a couple of crown and cokes?

A updated TOS/CoC lol

Seriously folks on LR like I always say this is your instance so if you want to change anything let me know.

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@G_Dog1985 @architect @kensp you all might want to proof read or change some of the TOS/CoC I have had a few to drink and not to sure how it came out lol

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@omnipotens @G_Dog1985 @architect looks good to me.
Maybe mention that bots aren't allowed?
Also NSFW content should be fine as long as it's behind a CW. But, I'm not sure how that sits with others. Maybe poll that?

Also huge thanks for all the work you've done!

>one eyed one horned flying purple people eater 

You mean cacodemon?

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