Let me tell you what Standard Redhat Support Contract get you.

Day one.
Tech: Please send SOSReports.
ME: um ok I have already uploaded them but let me upload a fresh set.
Tech: Please restart service
ME: did that already but I will do it again. Same results.

Day two
Repeat day one

Day three
Tech remoted in could not locate root cause. Said he was going to ask another Tech. No response.

Day Four
Repeat day one

Day Five
Repeat day one

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@omnipotens Funny, I've been working with them this week, and the service has been good.

@murph I am not a happy camper right now. I get a response in the morning for new sosreport about 1pm I get a response to restart a service then nothing till the next day which they are asking for a sosreport. My entire stack is down so I put the case at urgent. They moved it to high. I escalate and get told they will work with me during normal business hours. They don't respond during normal business hours!... Maybe your tying up all the support people. Fix your stuff so I can use some haha

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