I HATE you netplan!!!!
Worst thing ever Ubuntu!

I cut and pasted a config from one machine to another and because the cut amd paste messed up the spacing it failed.

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@omnipotens whenever I read your toots, there is a voice with an Italian accent in my head.

@nergal ok John Wayne with a little Jethro Bodeen from Beverly Hill Billy's

@omnipotens I don't remember how his voice is. My area was more into The Jeffersons and Zorro.

@nergal I live in Houston, Texas so there is a lot of yall and fixin to lol

@omnipotens then it would be 2 cartoon characters: Foghorn Leghorn and this guy, I cannot remember the name. Oh and US allied forces voice in Red Alert 2.

@omnipotens See?! Italian-Southhampton?
think I could shrink this container. Use opus for sound and vp9 for video, with options. That way it could fit on peertube.

@omnipotens oh, youtube seems to have already done that. It's 23MB.

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