Anyone have a good site to explain how to work this problem? Friend just ask for help and she is not understanding what I am trying to tell her. Hoping I can point her to a tutorial.

@omnipotens don't you just plug the value in? I don't see the problem in that

@rnxpyke @omnipotens
that's why you won't be able to explain it to someone who sees a problem in that

@wolf480pl @omnipotens I mean, they're really big parentheses, they confused me at first too. I mean, who would have a matrix/vector with just one element?

@rnxpyke try explain that to over messenger to someone who is bad at math that is trying to help their child. That is why I was hoping for a link. They were just not understanding and honestly I have no idea on how to explain it.

@rnxpyke awesome thanks! Math was always a weird area for me. In electronics I could calculate a formula that took a whole page and do it in my head. Give me the same form without the application and I was lost and could no longer visualize it. So when I explain things to people I have to always use visual cues so I can keep my own reference points correct.

@omnipotens Wolfram Alpha's been a good resource in my experience for both finding and understanding the solutions. Assumes the intermediary steps are accessible though, which could be an issue at times.

@omnipotens when someone says f(x), followed by f(-1/2) it's the same as making x = (-1/2)

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