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When did you notice it was down? Trying to figure out when this all started.

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I noticed it this morning, maybe 5 or 6 hours ago. If it happens again is there a good way to let you know? I was poking around Mastodon hoping you had a second account or a birdsite account or some such.

@cameron most people reach out to me in the linuxrocks telegram channel.

@omnipotens Ah, okay, I should get on that too.

Dang weird DNS, or it whatever it was! I'm glad it's behaving itself now.

@cameron it was a IPV6 entry in the DNS causing havoc.

@ IN AAAA fcbb:191c:56f0:c512:7607:0caf:6be5:7559

@omnipotens Thanks for getting it sorted out so quickly! 😃

@omnipotens @cameron @cameron it went for me yesterday between 10 & 12:30 (Brisbane, Australia) time (18 hours ago)

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