LR Outage Update

Looks like we had a bad entry in our DNS server that caused a outage for some people. I am not sure when this entry was added or how long it has been this way. I am looking into it.

Everyone should be up once DNS propagates.

Special thanks too. @Batcastle and others who brought it to my attention and was willing to work with me to locate the issue.

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@Horizon_Innovations @Batcastle Still like to know how it happened? I havent changed anything in the DNS in awhile and no one else admitted to it. I know long long ago we played around with IPV6 but if the bad entry has been there that long why now? And it wasnt in the backup copy of course those were pretty old as DNS does not get changed often.

@omnipotens @Batcastle my hosting provider has 3 DNS address, n1... n2... & n3... for the domain to "point at". The last entry can be wrong and it won't be a problem until it is used. N1 & n2 are generally used all the time, & n3 only sometimes.
My understanding maybe completely wrong though. Not know what & where the bad entry was makes it difficult to determine why it went pearshape.

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