I Hate Windows!!

My friend gave me his old 3D printer. First this crappy machine forces you to use their proprietary slicer. (Windows Only) so I rebooted into windows for the first time in months. Well after 4 days of windows updates I installed this crap software. This damn software installed Candy Crush, Opera, and a dozen other crap including agproxy data collection malware. Now I cannot get this crap off it keeps coming back. I hate Windows and the crappy proprietary software vendors

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Everyone knows that Candy crush is THE PREMIERE 3D printing software! Just admit you don't know how to use it. 😜

But Windows users I speak to say there's nothing wrong with Windows! Most just be us as we're so technologically challenged. 😂

Sorry for your pain though.

@ozoned Honesty I used to be a expert at windows even rebuilt the xp from cab and knew almost everything in the registry but these days my windows skills are a bit lacking. In the end however I believe the biggest issue with windows is package management. A Install exe can just run rouge and do whatever the hell it wants. At lease with rpm deb you can see exactly what its going to do and where it puts everything.

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