Recommendation for OS

Looking for something flashy and pretty. Something I can swap a windows user too and show them the power and flash of Linux. I am going to reinstall their laptop tomorrow. A good app store would be nice too. As a arch user its been awhile since I played with other distros.

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@omnipotens I would give Elementary a try. They seemed to nail it especially with the app store.

@omnipotens I always put people on Ubuntu, because then they have an LTS distro with googleable solutions to common problems. If I have to jump in and help, my Debian experience is usually sufficient.


Yeah, agree with people talking about Elementary OS. It's soo slick

@omnipotens ? I have put it on 4 laptops at work. So far, the users have been experience only hardware with bad uefi and "cognitive dissonance" with what application and font to use.

@omnipotens as an Arch user you might be best of with Manjaro KDE. KDE is similar enough to Windows to help them speed along, and your experience with Arch is better for support then if you give them something you have little to no experience with. And Manjaro seems like a more stable Arch? 🙂

@matt @omnipotens bit of both? They hold back Arch updates (more stable) until they've confirmed that nothing breaks to have less breakages (more reliable). Or that is the idea anyway 😎

@omnipotens From recent installs, I'd have to go with Kubuntu. The app store's expansive, and KDE's similar enough to Windows.

... well mostly. My sister has an honours degree, but couldn't figure out how to shut down in Kubuntu. Some problems can't be fixed.

@malin @omnipotens because most Windows users don't shutdown. They leave it on and it hibernates.

@omnipotens Elementary OS and Solus Linux have become my defaults for showing off linux. Both have lightweight yet beautiful desktop environments. Personally, I think the #Solus app store is the best one out there.

@omnipotens #opensuse (either tumbleweed or leap depending on their preferences regarding newest apps vs updating+rebooting) with #KDE / #Plasma. It is nice looking and featured, but still follows the traditional desktop paradigm. I'm currently using #gnome but it has a memory leak and the way work spaces are handled is not windowsesque.

@omnipotens Linux Mint is a good alternative. It’s my daily driver.

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