What is the video card to get these days?

I have a intel xeon e5-2620 @ 2.4ghz 12 core proc.

16GB ram

the current video card is quadro k2200

To be honest its ran almost everything I have thrown at it with little issue but thinking about getting back more into PC gaming and maybe VR on PC as my psvr just don't have some of the titles I want.

@HexDSL or anyone have any suggestions that will fit my machine. I want good linux support but I do dual boot for a few games.

@omnipotens @HexDSL I mostly know the amd side of things. From that perspective, I would suggest a radeon 470/570 or 480/580. They are pretty cheap right now, and look to be quite a bit more powerful than that quadro. If you want more power yet, and are willing to spend ~$250 to $300, you can get a vega 56 or rx 5700. If you are looking for another compact workstation class card instead, I'd look at a radeon pro wx series card.

@OpenComputeDesign @HexDSL I am not to worried about the price to much just one they wont go out of date in a month and will work well with my machine. My son told me a 1080 but i been out of the game for so long no idea anymore

@omnipotens @HexDSL The GTX 1080 is a pretty good card, I think it's slightly more powerful than the RX 5700, and around the same as the RX 5700xt. I think of the three, the RX 5700 has best price to performance, and AMD cards generally seem to age a bit better than nVidia cards. Either would probably work, though. None of the cards mentioned support nVidias new RTX technology. You'd have to get an RTX series card for that. But those are pretty terrible value. and RTX kinda sucks anyway.

@omnipotens I think, overall Nvidia is still best performance but amd do have the lure of open drivers.

Generally, people have an easier time in Nvidia, more things seem to work with no tinkering. But.... Bad Wayland support.

If I was buying now I would be looking for the highest end amd card I could afford. Those open drivers are going to keep getting better, I think it's only a matter of time before Nvidia are playing catch up.

@omnipotens @HexDSL I'm personally in a holding pattern, waiting for Intel's dedicated GPU.

If it is any good it will bring a much needed 3rd player to the GPU market, AND will be another solid choice for FOSS folk.

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