So who thinks Rey is the granddaughter of Palpatine?

@omnipotens Super interesting idea. It is called the "Rise of Skywalker" so who is rising? If Rey, then she's a Skywalker, but maybe they're going to pull a flip and Darth Emo is going back to the light and rising taking the Empire to a new age?

@ozoned There is just no way she is a skywalker by blood as Lea or Luke wouldn't leave their kid abandoned on a planet and if she was stolen they be looking for her. The only way she be a skywalker if she is a descended of Anakin's mom. Rey and Palpatine have similar fighting styles as well has control over emotions and to harness the rage during a fight. The trailer also has her in similar robes as him.

@ozoned Oh wild theory what if Anakin had a half sister who got with Palpatine while he was a senator lol

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