So who thinks Rey is the granddaughter of Palpatine?

@omnipotens Super interesting idea. It is called the "Rise of Skywalker" so who is rising? If Rey, then she's a Skywalker, but maybe they're going to pull a flip and Darth Emo is going back to the light and rising taking the Empire to a new age?

@ozoned There is just no way she is a skywalker by blood as Lea or Luke wouldn't leave their kid abandoned on a planet and if she was stolen they be looking for her. The only way she be a skywalker if she is a descended of Anakin's mom. Rey and Palpatine have similar fighting styles as well has control over emotions and to harness the rage during a fight. The trailer also has her in similar robes as him.

@omnipotens @ozoned it'd be more likely she was a sort of clone of him from what the aftermath books tell us. Also, I don't remember anything that stands out as their fighting styles being similar.

I'm more thinking that it's the rise of the force users. According to the book "Thrawn", "Skywalker" translates to "force user" in some outer rim language. A lot of the first order's origins revolve around what's past the outer rim.

@Katsudon @ozoned Well as for the fighting styles for one its the tendency to jab. Them rey and palpatine are the only ones in the movies to jab the saber forward. As for the clone theory I really hope they don't go that route to me that's just poor writing.

@omnipotens @ozoned I just hope they give us closure about the origins of the first order. I want to see their annual budget, tax returns, receipts of purchases. It currently doens't make sense that they came out of hiding and suddenly have built a whole new style of ship.

@ozoned Oh wild theory what if Anakin had a half sister who got with Palpatine while he was a senator lol

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