question about terminology as it pertains to domains. What specific terms references domains like .online .network .xyz and so on.. Basically I am looking for a term to describe non .com .net .org domains would that still be gTDL?

@matt are there any sub-term for those specific types of domain. I found in my office lab which is running a windows dns server fully updated that not all the newer gTDL's are supported. This cause a script to fail that was calling a repo that was on one of the newer gTDL's and I am trying to find the proper way to document this find.

@matt I think I am going to go with latest gTDL's as the list is ever growing.

@matt @omnipotens
considering that wikipedia lists the old 7 gTLDs as "Original top-level domains", I propose we call the rest of gTLDs "fake gTLDs", since they're not "original".

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