Sometimes I miss the days of the old internet. I grew up in the wild west of the internet and BBS's. The boards didn't have all these rules and codes of conduct's. If you didn't like something you kept scrolling. You had to have thick skin or you shouldn't be there. We sometimes dished out shit and sometimes took it. Then we logged off and continued with our lives. How things have changed.

@omnipotens I think that's all still there ... it's just that other spaces exist as well. Certainly there aren't fewer lawless chatrooms in the world.

I'm glad LR is unfiltered... but I'm also happier that I've got better block tools here than a 90's chatroom.

While I've never had to administer something as big as this, I completely understand all of the drama and bs you have to put up with. So please know that you're immensely appreciated and we're all grateful that you do this for us.

Thank you so much!

@omnipotens many forums I used to visit in the late 90s and early 00s were quick with the banhammer, and no one thought twice about it.

@matt @omnipotens There was some respect for the idea that you're an adult as well, that you were a guest. Petulance and mod baiting existedbut at a less noisy level.

I grew up in the internet of late 00s, on web forums. Each of them had its rules. But those rules were very different in spirit from today's CoCs.

There was like 1 point saying more or less "don't insult other users".

Then 10 points explaining how to use the forum effectively, like:
- don't post if you have nothing to say
- post in the right category, when unsure post in "off-topic" category
- search before posting
- don't post with CAPS-LOCK
- don't post ads

Also, the approach to enforcing those rules was much different. It wasn't about exclusion, it was about compliance.

So if your post was against the rules, a mod would delete that post, or edit it to make it complaint, and tell you what you should do next time so that you don't break the rules again.

When two people were had a heated argument, the mod wouldn't take sides, but would either tell them to stop, punish them both, or move the posts to another thread in the offtopic category, or sth.

And yes, people had a thicker skin.
But also, some sensitive topics were simply avoided. Mostly because they did not align with the purpose of the forum. You wouldn't discuss national politics on a game modding forum - that'd be off-topic.
You wouldn't discuss someone's hair either - that'd be off-topic too.

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