Looking for someone to take ownership of to keep the software updated.

Any takers?

@omnipotens I would love take it, but I'm probably too noob to get this thing done.
What skills are required ?

@techit basically the job is the enduser wants to test or validate their software. We build out whatever environment that fits their requirement like openstack or vmware.

@techit oh i replied to the wrong post for you sorry I thought you were talking about my other post

" Auto (minor versions only)

The password it asks is PeerTube's database user password.

$ cd /var/www/peertube/peertube-latest/scripts && sudo -H -u peertube ./

i think I will handle this, still, I don't have much experience, so I could accidently make catastrofic...
it's up to you to decide

@techit @omnipotens I'm up fpr joining. No idea what the requirements are, but if the Serbian roadworks stop knocking out my home server i can practice on that first.

@omnipotens this confuses me... you want to abandon the instance and look for people who would continue it? or are you just tired of maintaining it under the hood but want to keep it?

@milan I am just two busy to keep up with peertube as well. I will keep hosting just looking for someone to admin it. Update the OS and peertube software and anything that may come up like SSL.

@omnipotens i would be able to help out but i won't have the time for moderation...

@milan Not to worried about mod I more on the backend. As it is I have so many servers between work and personal to maintain I cant keep up. If your willing to keep it updated I will create you a account on the machine

@omnipotens Hi, I would like to volunteer. Although it's relatively easy to maintain an instance, I have become a bit of an expert on PeerTube this year. Just have a look on the PeerTube Github repo and you'll find me on the contributors list.

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