We maybe hiring someone in Fort Collins CO, Looking for someone with a heavy Linux and networking background, Openstack and VMWare is experience is a plus. Must have good troubleshooting and communication skills for interacting with partners and customers. Must have the ability to support the entire stack from determining end-users needs, racking and cabling, Software installation and troubleshooting. If you’re interested pm me.

@omnipotens I'm in Colorado, but mostly do Java and JavaScript these days. Would pass this along. Are you in Fort Collins or just hiring for a team that's there?

@whatcraic I am in Houston, The lab is located in FC. We are currently creating a new lab along the side of our current lab.

@omnipotens you picked a good spot. Fort Collins is my third favorite city in the state. In Order (1) Denver (2) Durango (3) Fort Collins

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