A 3D printer is always one of those things that I think it'd be fun to have, but I'm not one for little toys or designs. When I see that stuff I love it, I'm just someone that likes simple and I guess you can say bland.

However, I've never really seen practical uses for a 3D printer. Have you used it to solve a problem or do you use it just for the stuff pictured?

Again that stuff is awesome and I love to see it so hopefully this didn't come off as snarky.

@ozoned Well I used one printer to print parts for another one. I printed parts for a fish finder as well as a sun shade for it. I have printed electronics cases. I printed a dry box for a remote for a outside elevator for my parents. New handle for my oven, battery dispenser drawers for all my screws. shelf's and I am sure many more stuff I cannot think of at the moment.

@omnipotens That's awesome. How do all the things hold up? Do you think it's justified the price?

@ozoned They hold up really where as long as you use the right material for the right use case. ASA for outdoor for UV resistance. ABS and PETG for heat resistance. PLA for where heat and strength dont matter.
For justification I guess that is all on how you look at it. For me first of all its a hobby and I enjoy building 3D printers and since there is tons of open source designs and software it makes it easy and fun. Some of the stuff I printed you just cannot purchase.

@ozoned all the shelfs and drawers and wall hangers like the custom one for my temperature gun is all 3d printed.

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