What desktop distro should I use.

I need to reinstall my laptop. I like arch base distros but not married to it and I do favor KDE as it seem to work best when using my laptop as a tablet. I tried Mangero but it don't seem to be loading my wireless and honestly I don't feel like troubleshooting it.

@omnipotens personally I prefer Fedora Workstation. It's nice, stable and fast.

@alexcleac @omnipotens doesn't fedora, like, require a dist-upgrade twice a year?

@Wolf480pl yeah, it does. However, nobody does force you to do it. And it didn't fail me even once from 2010 :)

@alexcleac I am not sold yet on fedora I ran it a year ago and I found it ok.

I just learned about Namib today. Pretty similar to Manjaro it seems. Arch based, KDE is an option. I've never personally used it, but could end up being interesting if you feel like giving something that's not as well know a chance.

@MereLinuxMortal Looks interesting I may give it a run. I loved anerigros so might be a good replacement

I'm so curious I think I'm about to put it in a VM. I'm also trying to find something (preferably arch based) for my desktop 🙂

Ohhh, looks fun. I don't know much about that but I'll read and probably end up putting it in a VM also, to compare. I like that Reborn has some more minimal DE and WM as options. I prefer that. I've got my Namib iso ready to install now. I'll let you know if anything went terribly awry with either 🕵️

@MereLinuxMortal I think I am going to test reborn now.

How am I going to choose lol.

"With over 15 DE's to choose from upon installation and about 30 optional features, RebornOS is for you "

Haha seriously, can't wait to hear from you in 2055 when you've finally waded through all the options and testing is complete 😆

@MereLinuxMortal So far everything looks like it is a rebranded antergros.

Sounds awesome. I'm putting Reborn in VM now. With Namib (KDE) the install went well. Firefox would not work on install but after running the updates (all 770 of them! 😐 ) everything was working well.


MX Linux has been very good on laptops for me!

@omnipotens :debian: testing (not as unstable as it might sound 😉) or plain :archlinux:

@omnipotens mmm... lately I`m using opensuse tumbleweed just because I needed a quick setup kind distro with rolling release, and I very happy now. Very quick, stable and update.

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