Seriously, someone reported one of our users and the complaint was climate denier...
When did different opinions become abuse that needs to be reported.

@omnipotens has always been. People take offense with opinions they dislike.

Not agreeing with homosexuality has always been an opinion. So is choosing to change pronouns. There are even those that have opinions on planetoid classification (Pluto). Flat earth?

Whether facts say otherwise, in the end it is still based on seemingly empirical, repeatable "theory". Why wars may never cease.

@omnipotens As much as I appreciate your light touch to community moderation here.

Climate change denial is one dumb fucking opinion.

But that's just my opinion, don't ban me for it, lol.

@ChrisWere @omnipotens it is, but still no reason for banning. Free speech includes dumb opinions.

@omnipotens While I didn't agree with said person's opinions, if we're referring to the same person that is, reporting someone for that is just ridiculous.

I personally unfollow folks that I don't agree with.

It's that easy folks. They're allowed to preach and you're allowed to not listen.

You don't have to agree with someone's opinions, but don't weaponize tech that way to silence people either.

I'm not really sure how reporting works, but maybe they wanted to report it to to the admin of their own instance.

There's a difference between someone sharing an unpopular but informed opinion, and someone spreading misinformation. Many instances would not want to provide a platform for the latter.

Because some opinions can be damaging or toxic to a community and it is up to members of that community to voice their desire to remove those opinions from a community.

I know I don't like making friends with climate deniers, nor do I want them in the communities I participate in.

Obviously, as a mod, it's up to you to decide what's allowed on the platform you moderate, but the user in question was just telling you he does not appreciate climate deniers being in his community.

@omnipotens thanks for posting this, helped me decide this instance is not for me!


Yeah, there are some types of content I don't want to platform because I'd consider it immoral, but I'm not sure if a climate denier is that.

It be something else with a terrorist, but a climate denier is just a science denier, there are loads of those in society and I don't think I'll ban someone for not agreeing with science even though I'm critical of such people.

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