what ever happened to the day of standard config files. Everything is going yaml and I cannot express enough how much I don't like yaml files and that seems to be all what I deal with daily.

@omnipotens How bad is it? I thought they were just key/value pairs ??

@BradleySmall I just spent 45 minutes because I cut and pasted a config from a website and do to some space/tab formatting the file was not working properly for some reason no idea just a but frustrated now.

@omnipotens do you use Emacs yaml mode or the vim plugin for it? Or, any of the million online yaml formatter and pretty printers?

@omnipotens like yamllint or code beautifier? Crap like that can save you a whole lotta headache, especially with spacial indentation is syntactical :S

@BradleySmall It was a bare install of ubuntu not internet connected so basic vi

@omnipotens should be straight forward then, that has to be frustrating.

@omnipotens I hace found copy-paste, especially unreliable especially if it is from an email or other communication web app. There is this tendency to eat things like minus signs for n-dashes or n-dashes and " for some other weird character that may actually look the same and spaces getting converted to odd no printable characters. Sucks for dB, and code as well.

@omnipotens so was it just the spaces/tabs or were the - characters corrupted?

@BradleySmall no idea i went through the file removed them and re-added

@omnipotens if I have c&p and things go south, the first thing I look at are the - and " characters. There is no reason they have to screw with them but that tends to be the culprit most of the time :S

@BradleySmall well the dash is common I already use global replace automatically when I have stuff with dashes

@omnipotens Honestly, I prefer XML configs to YAML. at least they don't break because you didn't hit the space bar enough

@architect @omnipotens true enough, but miss a / or " and you have non-well formed xml. But there are so many tools that help keep all these formats yaml, xml, json validated and well formed. If you use Emacs there are modes, and even if you just use nano there are lints and pretty printers. Use as many static analysis tools as you can get. :) Just my opinion, that no one asked for anyway :)

@omnipotens flow style can sometimes make it a bit easier to read.

But I guess yaml has become the new xml; everyone uses it because everyone uses it.

@omnipotens yeah same here... It's imprecise depending on context... Just easier to read JSON personally

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