If anyone wants to donate to the UPS fund here is a paypal link

@omnipotens I'll see if I can get the person who handles my money to send you something.

@omnipotens have any bridged service? Like matrix? IRC? XMPP? my addresses are [xmmpp];; nuun on Freenode. So, I am not too walled away.

@nergal We had matrix on LR no one used it lol We have a LR IRC channel and xmpp. If someone is willing to setup a bridge that would be great I just do not have the cycles

@omnipotens touchè that is true... Matrix uses too much resources, but works as an awesome IRC bouncer

@nergal What I like to see is the IRC tied into our telegram channel. That would make life easier

@omnipotens I am not a telegram person. I do have an address but leaving it. You mean set up a matrix room? Sure! It will be at if that is OK? What is your handle?

@nergal well on matrix I have to re-create one as out LR matrix server is not maintained

@omnipotens the room versions have been changing frequently and matrix demands resources right now, so it is fine to postpone implementing, yes?

@omnipotens waiting for one of the new servers to be net-worthy.

@omnipotens any alternatives to paypal? Crypto? I avoid paypal like the plague that they are

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