Ok folks

I created a LinuxRocks telegram group. Since I use telegram as my primary messenger it is the easiest place to get a hold of me or to ask for updates or anything like that.

When there is a outage feel free to message me to let me know or to ask for status.

Or just come hang out and chat for those telegram users like me.

Anyone know of a telegram bot to monitor a site like LR? We could of got up a bit quicker if I would of checked my email first 😜

@omnipotens dropping telegram. Becoming fanatic about free software. Yet to contribute code though. Telegram is doing too much in the background. Before you say, "you don't have to use every feature"; the same thing could be said about Microsoft software and every other treacherous software available. Feature bloat often hides miscreants. Especially with Telegram Passport and the like.

@nergal I understand and agree but telegram is tied to much into my daily life.I am a open advocate but I also use whatever is the easiest for me to get what I need done. I am also on xmpp

@nergal @omnipotens same for me, many distro groups have telegram chats simply because it is convenient and many are tied to it. Can you have group chats with XMPP?

@semordnilap @omnipotens yes. XMPP was probably the first of federated protocols to stabilize graphical/mouse-driven MUD {multiple user dungeon} from maybe 2003(?)

@omnipotens @semordnilap and yes, you would have to upgrade synapse (I think ).

@semordnilap @nergal I believe so and I run xmpp but the only person I have on it is @hund lol so no idea what it all can do. The only issue with me is xmpp is running on the LR server so when one goes down they both do.

@omnipotens @hund @semordnilap want to try now? Sorry for the spam. Bitlbee habits haven't sunk in yet. My jabber is also through bitlbee

@omnipotens @nergal @semordnilap The cert for Prosody is old and needs updating. I can't access the server.

@hund @nergal @semordnilap ok let me finish my dinner and i will check your access again

@omnipotens @semordnilap @hund I don't have anything using omemo. Bitlbee supports otr though

@semordnilap @nergal @hund We could move it. I guess I could get a droplet at DO or something or put it on one of @G_Dog1985 servers but then we have to fight with moving ssl around again lol That is why we moved it to the server with the ssl. We have to create a script to copy it again.

@omnipotens @semordnilap @nergal @G_Dog1985 That's why I wanted to use something like xmpp.LinuxRocks.Online, but no no.. ;P

@hund @G_Dog1985 @semordnilap @omnipotens what would do? Would there be some breach of standard?

@nergal @hund @G_Dog1985 @semordnilap We can also put it out there if anyone wants to host a LR xmpp instance or I can get a droplet and move it there so it will be offsite

@omnipotens @semordnilap @G_Dog1985 @hund in the meantime, how do we do a decentralized run? It should be possible to have a federated group chat yes? One person host a room and we all join?

@omnipotens @nergal @G_Dog1985 @semordnilap Please use Gandhi for VPS and not some US based service.

How's it going with XMPP by the way? It's been down for a few days now.

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