As most of you know the Linuxrocks UPS a Tripp Lite blew up in a spectacular fashion. I seriously hate asking for funding but the new server taxed my slush fund out.
LR needs a new UPS fund links

Also just a reminder of some of the LR services
and of course mastodon

@omnipotens I have never tried to call on one but I think many of the major UPS brands offer equipment replacement warranties. In other words they replace whatever equipment was behind them in event of a failure up to a certain amount. Though I have no idea what's involved with getting that and if I had to guess it is either so difficult to get or they only actually give you like $40 or something. But maybe worth looking into.

@Hawk1291 I am pretty sure it's out of warranty by now as it was like 5 years old when we set it up for LR a few years ago. I just replaced the batteries but I will look into it however but I have a feeling i know what the answer is.

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