@omnipotens I know! They look so cool! Plus, it's a thinkpad, so it definitely be well built. It'll have to have a virtual trackpoint on the virtual keyboard. though.

@OpenComputeDesign @omnipotens A virtual TrackPoint? Now that _would_ be something.

I don't think they could call it a Thinkpad without bundling it with a Bluetooth Lenovo Trackpoint keyboard.

2 problems with foldable PCs:
1. Display is OLED which means display will get burned-in in areas where there are same thing displayed for a lloonngg time. Such as taskbar, window title bar, window control buttons, wallpaper etc.
2. OS isn't ready for foldable devices and act like if the device was just another regular tablet.
Bonus. Foldable display tech is young and displays are fragile to get damaged by dust entering from hinge is a BIG issue. See Samsung Fold for more info

@murtezayesil @omnipotens

Fair points, but the reason people want these isn't to have the best piece of hardware possible, it's to have a foldable screen. So making some sacrifices for that will be okay.

Also the whole OLED burn in is an exaggeration.

@KyleRuzic @omnipotens
I understand your enthusiasm but I would rather have a normal smart phone with no wireless charging or foldable screen stuff but instead packed with bigger battery.

With current hinge technology and opening these devices have around hinge, it is not a question of if screen will break but when screen will break.

A new tech is fragile. Let it mature. I am not against foldable screen tech, I am against a screen that is slowly but surely getting damaged.

@murtezayesil @omnipotens
I'm in the same boat. But I was just saying why other people want them. Sometimes having the latest tech is cool just because it's cool.

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