I seriously considering taking on the huge project of 3D printing me a new keyboard.

If I do this what design elements would you do for a custom keyboard?

What do you think of the two part keyboards?

I think it should be fairly sturdy so maybe lots of infill and thick walls.

@chmod777 Not sure about 2 part keyboards I be up to trying just seems hard to get use too.

agree on the walls but really most parts will not need much infill as they are all pretty thin like keys even a 10 percent should make it pretty solid

@omnipotens @chmod777 It's not uncommon to print cases for keyboards. I bet you can find both information and schematics for various cases on r/MechanicalKeyboards. :)

@hund @chmod777 oh I know I was thinking of going all out and using a audrino, setup some pretty lighting effects and all.

@omnipotens @chmod777 I'm pretty sure you don't want to print the mounting plate for the switches. You will get a fairly loose fit, which might work if you glue the switches I guess. I would recommend buying some cheap backplate or ordering a custom one from LaserBoost[1]. :)


@hund @chmod777 I have access to laser cutters and all kinds of tools so push comes to shove I will design something and cut it.

@omnipotens @chmod777 That's a whole other story then. :) Why not lasercut a case instead then?

@omnipotens @chmod777 How is printing a layer of plastic cheaper than lasercutting a cheat of plastic?

@hund @chmod777 well first I have never cut plastic with laser cutter never looked into it only wood and thin sheets of metal. So when you say laser cut that's what I was thinking. Second if I put a smaller nozzle on my printer it should get pretty accurate but honestly a issue like that I will figure it out when I get to that point.

@hund @chmod777 Well I go to my buddies shop he has all kinds of cnc machines. the biggest I ever cut was maybe 1mm then sheet. not sure how powerful his laser is I have to ask.

@omnipotens @chmod777 1mm is enough for a plate. Most go with 1.5mm, which is the thickest you can go if you want to be sure to mount the switches without glue.

For acrylic most go with 4mm though and maybe glue. It depends on how they fit.

I don't use a plate at all. The PCB gives me the perfect flex for me. :)

@hund @chmod777 Still debating on doing it as a keyboard is a big project so I just at the thinking about point lol

@omnipotens @chmod777 Why not start out with like a 3x3 or 4x4 macropad first? :)

@hund @chmod777 because I don't need one. I only build something I use haha.

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