To add to my last post looking for a RPI alternative what I am needing is pure speed on calculations. I am using this on the 3D Printer that I built. The issue is a Z move of 250mm requires 1.6 million steps to be generated, and it is taking the RPi longer over 400ms to generate those steps. When the calculation takes to long the MCU and the RPI clock becomes out of sync and the MCU crashes.
My requirements are USB ports, runs linux, and pure speed, price.
Any suggestions are welcome.

@Hawk1291 @kelbot yea I saw his post and really leaning that way to it to try.

Jason kridner had brought in few protos over to my office a month or so back. Just don't have time to play on stuff now a days.. just drop a note to haven't been keeping track closely on schedules. There is a beagle-alpha mailing list as well.. probably might be able to give better info.

PS: I don't think he is on fediverse... Will remind him.. should be easy to start a mastadon instance on

Better ask Jason. Smaller boards will have thermal constraints as to how much you can push before you need a fan or more aggressive cooling.. enclousure etc come into play. Dsp and Eve support hasn't made it to upstream yet (we got tied down moving to device tree).. but Debian distros from beagle community should have them with opencl etc..

@nm Well cooling is not a issue as I am already pushing the hell out of a 120mm fan in my case to keep my drivers cool. There is more than enough airflow to cool anything I throw in my case. Thanks for the suggestion on the board I will keep a eye out on it.

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