I want to find the person at Redhat who had the bright idea of removing ifconfig and route from the distro so I can go put my foot up their ass!

Switch to BSD, we actualy maintained our ifconfig and route utilities :P

@architect Can't not my choice when you are developing software you have to use that the customers want to use.

In that case, keep plenty of bourbon or similarly useful utilities around

@Wolf480pl I been typing the same command for 25 years that is what is wrong. Why change up what everyone knows and uses. You can easily create a new package and keep the same command format rather than completely blow away what has worked for years and make old farts like me have to google just to add a route lol

@omnipotens A friend of mine just checked on CentOS 7, and it is a separate package. net-tools package contains the old tools (ifconfig, route) and iproute package contains the new ones (ip).
Should be the same on redhat, and supposedly net-tools should be installed by default.

@Wolf480pl It is it just not installed by default install and now I have to get the network up to install it which means I have to google how to add a default route because some knuckle head thought it be funny to remove it from the default install haha

@Wolf480pl lol thanks I know I have already done it. LOL my point was Redhat cant leave will enough alone lol

eh, but sooner or later you'll need to learn the new tool anyway, unless someone is willing to maintain the old tool forever.

Unfortunately I can't relate cause, when I started using linux, iproute2 was already a thing, so I never really knew how to use ifconfig & co.

But IMO iproute2 has a very logical syntax, and once you learn a few of its commands, the rest will become intuitive.

@Wolf480pl 20 years you will see you will get muscle memory on how to configure something and they will pull the rug out from you lol

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