Some fun questions to see if there is a common theme?

What was your first linux distro?

What or who got you to install it?

What was one of the first things you did?

@omnipotens i realize i didn't respond to my own question.

slackware 2.0

A friend, I think he just wanted help downloading 76 or so floppy disk lol

stared at a blinking cursor wondering what to do lol.

where I really started slackware 3

installed ICQ and stole some dll's from windows to get video codecs working under linux.

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@omnipotens number the questions, please?

Also, there was a poll bot somewhere.

1. Mandrake Linux 8.2

2. Donovan Campbell, a mentor, founder of a Linux based company on my island. I had just dropped BeOS before and found Caldera in a "Learn Linux in 24 hours" book.

3. startx


1. Ubuntu 5.10
2. I needed tools to flash my Xbox and Windows didn't have them
3. Bricked my Xbox.

1. Slackware
2. Saw a book about Linux in the library
3. Break it. Multiple times. Then play Doom.

1. Ubuntu 12.04
2. Windows 7 being a pile of crap
3. Learned how installing programs from the software center works

1. Ubuntu 12 or so
2. A nerdy friend if mine
3. Spent days trying to get wireless drivers and ended up giving up


1. Fedora 17
2. My Dad 🙃
3. We were fixing broken X11 dependencies 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Do we count using a livecd as a daily driver during a whole weekend? If so:

1. Knoppix

2. (I didn't really install it) A WinXP failing to boot / my dad.

3. Try to mount the windows partition, try to run games through wine, fail, try to find some fun preinstalled games.

If it doesn't count tho:

1. Linux Mint

2. Windows 7 thinking it's smarter than me.

3. Join some IRC channels, install Java and Eclipse, git clone my repos.

@omnipotens my first distrobwas elementary os 0.4. I dual booted it with windows. Then I did some distrohopping and stopped with kubuntu for a while. Now I use fedora for the rest of my days :blender:


1. Red Hat Linux 6 it was about the year 2000before it for renamed to fedora

2. a friend role me about it so I thought I would give it a try

3. I was told it was hard to crash so I ran lots of programs until the system crashed just to test the limits

1. Either Ubuntu 14.04 or 12.04
2. Searching for ways to make my old laptop faster
3. Customize it and watch YouTube videos, they played just fine in mpv / VLC compared to Windows

1.Kali Linux
2.I was trying to jump in cybersecurity then i found this was a good distro for it.
3.Bash Scripting

It was a very long time ago:
1. UHU Linux (Hungarian community distro)
2. Computer class teacher
3. Nothing special, just playing around with it a bit

@omnipotens ubuntu 10.4, still have systems running newer versions today.

I was looking for something that was more customizable than osx and Windows natively, so I the ubuntu choice was mostly to make sure that my hand was held at least a little bit.

I bricked it.. To this day, I have no idea how

- Ubuntu
- Installing python libraries on windows seemed a mess compared to how easy tutorials made it seem on linux.
- Tried different games in the software center, learned how to use cli tools like htop and ufw, installed those python libraries.


1. TurboLinux
2. Needed to get online for tech support so I could figure out why my Mac couldn't get online
3. See #2

@omnipotens The first distro I installed successfully was Debian 8.

I first, some guys at HSU suggested I try Linux. This was quite a while ago, and my only computer was an early model pentium 4. I tried a few distros trying to get them to work, then my computer died and I got discouraged. I wanted to get back to it at some point. Later, I got a computer with Windows 10, and I instantly switched to Linux and I haven't looked back.

I installed Minecraft and found my gpu drivers weren't working.

@omnipotens I first used Linux around Christmas 1993. I got a new computer and wanted to try it out.

Slackware 1.0 (I seem to remember it had a pre 1.0 kernel which was small enough to fit on a 1.44MB floppy)

I read about it on a USENET newsgroup and downloaded the boot floppy to try it out.

I downloaded all the other dist floppies, finished installing Slackware (LILO!) and the first thing I did was compile a custom kernel that had support for the SCSI controller in my new computer.

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