Earlier today you may have notice linuxrocks went offline for a short time. Well it seems the server was being attacked and rules we have set went into panic mode and shutdown the network.

Linuxrocks runs 3 separate firewalls, From a hand built harden box running various scripts and monitoring. The second is PFSense and the 3rd is the local machine firewall. Which any at any given time may shutdown the network when attacked. Just a FYI for future reference when it seems the server is down.

McFly> Triple firewall, no way we can get through.
Turbo> Have you tried with emacs through sendmail?

@Wolf480pl Just a FYi the reason for the 3 firewalls is who controls what. One is for the entire network, one is my network, one is on the machine itself. It has no bearing on who can get in as open ports are open ports. However each have their own monitoring rules and if it sees traffic it is not expecting any of them could block the IP or block everything depending on panic level.

@omnipotens hmm.. ok but did you get the joke?

Well, it's a quite from a Polish movie, and even though you have a Polish-sounding surname, it doesn't mean you've heard of it...

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